We are a digital film/video production company that supports and produces original content out of the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Monterey Bay Areas. 


It is our mission to provide an exceptional level of STORY based creativity, followed by the capacity to execute those ideas at the highest value.

Bay Area locations provide diverse possibilities



The Narrative

For centuries, stories have represented the single most influential means to impart information, elicit feelings, and motivate understanding. Today, films and videos represent the most impactful method by which to tell those stories.


Targeted Creative
Looking for inspiration -- we can help. We start with a thorough questionnaire and meet to ascertain your objectives. Then, we gather our team to brainstorm unique/targeted story-based ideas. Should our treatment(s) prove promising, we can be contracted by your company to realize the production.



Real is Real

We focus on creating narratives, which involve extraordinary people, in profound situations, on real locations, solving challenging problems, with unique solutions. Thus, we emphasize a live-action perspective.


Bay Area locations provide infinite possibilities



Concept to Completion


Silicon Pictures can assist with the complete production process — from concept to completion or anywhere in-between. We utilize a highly compact and modularized system of production so as to minimize overhead and quickly scale to most any sized production.


Online Support

  • STREAMERS/OTT/VOD: film or series original content creation

  • VIDEO MAGAZINES: supplement segments

  • SERIES DOCUMENTARIESlocal production support

  • BROADCAST SERVICES: acquire specialized content

  • NONPROFITS: clarify calls to action



Carl Miller © Silicon Pictures, LLC
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Hollywood Generational Experience
The founder of Silicon Pictures has served on 40+ major motion pictures and more:



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Office located in Monterey, CA

between the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area

and Los Angeles.



Our production staff, crews, and acting talent are vetted for creative excellence, unique perspectives, generational experience, exceptional knowledge, and a positive sense of integrity. People who are collaborative, opinionated, passionate, innovative, anticipatory, self-motivated, and who don’t take themselves too seriously.

If this sounds like you and you would like to take part in our future productions -- please email us your resume with links to your demos or portfolio. 

We do not accept or consider unsolicited materials or ideas. 



Our hours are typically 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

Monday thru Friday, Except Holidays.

Meetings are available by prior appointment.